We Use Quality 5 Peaks Distributors Products

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December 3, 2018
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We Use Quality 5 Peaks Distributors Products

We are proud to use 5 Peaks Distributors products for your Portable Toilet Needs!

Five Peaks Technologies has developed a stylish, high quality, durable, and colourful portable toilet that allows you the flexibility to stand out in your portable sanitation region by creating your own unique colour scheme. Your customers will appreciate the modern and stylish look.

Five Peaks introduces, after extensive market research and input from customers and operators, new and revolutionary portable restroom design improvements and subtleties, such as the hover bar (View theFive Peaks advantages here), that are to be appreciated by customers and operators.

Most importantly, Five Peaks portable toilets are the most cost effective in the portable sanitation industry that will allow operators to get their numbers up without financing the farm: the cost benefits are clear.

Find out more about 5 Peaks products here: http://5peaksdistributors.ca.